The Kings of Summer (2013) | Reaper 2 | V: Goście

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  • Genre Family
  • Country United States
  • Rating 6.7 / 10 (20 votes) IMDb movie rating
  • Cast Giada De Laurentiis

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# Episode IMDb rating Subtitles count Release Date
season 1
S01E01 Cucina Italiana 0
S01E02 Italian Cocktail Party 0
S01E03 Poolside Picnic 0
S01E04 Dino's Pasta Factory 0
S01E05 Giada's Daily Special 0
S01E06 Napoli Pizza Party 0
S01E07 Citrus and the Sea 0
S01E08 Favorites from Italy 0
S01E09 Nonna Luna's Famous Dish 0
S01E10 Bocce Ball Picnic 0
S01E11 Sunday Supper 0
S01E12 The Sweet Spot 0
S01E13 Wine and Antipasti 0
season 2
S02E01 Tuscan Lunch: An Affair of the Heart 0
S02E02 Nonna's Luna's Secret: Entice with Rice 0
S02E03 Our Brother Would Love This 0
S02E04 Raffy and Raffy 0
S02E05 What Would Nonno Dino Make? 0
S02E06 Sisters and Cousins 0
S02E07 Under the Tuscan Sun: De Laurentiis Family Feast 1
S02E08 When in Florence... 0
S02E09 Culinary Renaissance 0
S02E10 Fava Beans and Chianti 0
S02E11 Passion for Fashion 0
S02E12 Sweet Masters 0
S02E13 Goodnight, Florence 0
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